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About the Meatmiesters


Meatmiesters BBQ was founded on the idea of helping those in need with the help of some good ole Texas BBQ. Ever since our team was established, we have had a drive to provide help where the need is greatest. We have a heart for serving and a passion for cooking, so we put the two together and created the MEATMIESTERS!


Our team is a non profit group that is made up entirely of volunteers and funded by our own money, sponsors, fundraising efforts and people who believe in what we do. Our team isn't just made up of the six original Meatmiesters, its our families, kids, aunts, uncles, and many others who have the same passion as the Meatmiesters! This is a group effort in not only serving others, but showing our kids and the next generation to always love, help, and serve the ones in need. We will advocate for those who need our help and will continue to grow and reach as many as we can. 


People always ask "What is a Meatmiester" well there isn't a webster dictionary definition but here is ours. A Meatmiester is a person who has a passion for helping others, loving others, serving others and most of all has one heck of a time doing it. All while serving some of the best BBQ in Texas!


Our team slogan is:


"Giving back one "Que" at a time"


It's not just a slogan it's a passion!